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Testimonials: Virtual Weight Loss Jab


Please read the following testimonials but I must mention , however, that there can be no guarantee of specific results and that results can vary with each patient.

I have been having the Virtual Weight Loss Jab treatment with Pamela since mid January and wanted to share that I have now lost nearly two and a half stones and two dress sizes.

Pamela is very caring and  thorough  and the treatment is very relaxing and works so well.

My motivation is A1 and my discipline feels underpinned when usually after a couple of months despite my best intention I cannot sustain the willpower and the wheels fall off and the weight goes back on.

I am as strong and as motivated as the first week of healthy eating and best of all happy and very grateful to Pamela who has given me all the tools for this journey.

Slowly getting my old self back after 100 diets and 25 years of being very overweight.

If I can do it anyone can!

J C (April 2024)

I have just completed 4 visits with Pam for the virtual weight loss jab, which started on the 2nd of September and by 11th October, after 3 sessions, I have lost 1 stone.  My weight loss journey continues, using the amazing tools that Pam has equipped me with. These are visual tools, motivational tools and indeed I am totally in control of the virtual weight loss jab. For me I only have to do a virtual jab once a day to control my appetite for my evening meal, however if I am out to lunch for example it is so easy to do an extra virtual jab which reduces my appetite.  Pam encourages healthy eating, and her tools endorse eating fresh food that is colourful and tasty but not calorific.  This is very powerful, and I have totally embraced eating healthily.  I cannot stress how easy this is to have a comfortable weight loss and feel satisfied with every smaller portioned healthy meal.  Since seeing Pam in September I have not eaten any red meat, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, and chips, and I do not miss them.  Pam makes me feel in charge, determined, self-confident and motivated.   If I have to write one line about my experience with Pam I'd say, "It's an easy and comfortable weight loss programme where you are totally in control, satisfied with every meal, with the supportive tools to eat healthily.” I highly recommend the Virtual Weight Loss Jab.

Thank you Pam

V W (October 2023)  

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