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The Virtual Weight Loss Jab is a new metaphoric approach to weight loss that’s emerging as a ground breaking technique. It’s a similar approach to the Hypno-Band, the Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis weight loss programme with which I have helped many patients over the years.

It is a fully rounded weight loss programme, and by utilising the power of the mind can potentially bring about all the benefits of the actual weight loss jab, whilst also helping to make realistic lifestyle changes required to lose weight, like helping with cravings, eliminating certain foods and increasing motivation to exercise. The Emotional Content of the eating issue is addressed whilst the technique is tailored to a patient’s specific needs and requirements. The actual jab regulates portion control by suppressing appetite but doesn’t address any of the other issues that impact on a patient’s weight.

The Virtual Weight Loss Jab can maintain weight loss without any of the potential side effects of the actual weight loss jab, and those side effects can be nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, headaches, possible risk of thyroid cancer and it has recently been connected to suicidal thoughts and self harm.

The actual weight loss jab is given to someone, on the NHS, with a BMI of 35 and over and with at least 2 health issues, and will not be as effective unless on a low calorie, healthy eating diet and exercise programme. The Regulator states the drug is NOT to be taken for more than 2 years and that weight may be regained after stopping the drug.

The Virtual Weight Loss Jab technique may be used with someone wanting to lose 2 stone or more.

Self-Hypnosis is taught and used by the patient for a few minutes every day to maintain changes achieved in therapy and maintain future changes.

Number of sessions

Therapy comprises 4 sessions, 1-2 hours long, over a period of 4-6 weeks


£375 (£50 deposit, £200 1st session, £125 2nd session)



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