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The services I offer are quite comprehensive, from a single page to a multi page site, I am quite willing to take on any job be it large or small.

Are you new to the web?

If so, I can design a web site from scratch designing company logos and art work. The contents of the site is entirely up to you, should you require music or animation I have all the software and hardware to bring your ideas to life. The services I provide are totally 'jargon free', I will not `blind you with science` (you do not have to be computer literate to have a web site or own a computer for that matter). I will discuss your needs and you will have the final word on how your company is represented on the world wide web. If you require me to up-date the site on a regular basis I can do this at very competitive price.

Have you already got a web site?

If you already have a web site but feel it needs an injection of inspiration, why not get in touch, you will be surprised how little I charge to re-vamp a site that looks a little outdated. It is remarkable how a simple animation can bring a web site to life. Click on the pricing link on this page to see how little it costs.

Are you using a Content Management System that just does not work or you can not use?

I have a lot of clients approach me with this one, you see the advert, you sign up, you then discover you can not use it. A C Design will not sell you a CMS site because they never work and are a false economy. The running cost of one of my sites is 60 a year and that includes a .co.uk domain and minor changes should you require them. This along with the initial design fee can work out a lot cheaper in the long run.

Are you a web master snowed under by work?

If you are a web master that finds he or she could do with a extra set of hands, why not get in touch, you will find my charges are very low indeed.

Are you a web publisher, so busy you are having to turn away clients?

Should you wish to contract work out to A C Design, discretion is assured. All work carried out will be totally devoid of any links to me. I am sure you will find my fixed rates give you the opportunity to earn reasonable returns from your clients. Why turn away business?